These are the hard to find 4" long overall length spring that is 3/4" diameter with the body being 2" and having a 1/2" hook on one end and a 1 1/2" hook on the other end.


Most chairs take two springs, although ther are some only requiring one. One end fastens to the boss on the upper frame and the other long end hooks on the footrest arm. There are usually three mounting holes.  The best way to install them is to lay the chair on it's side with the footrest sxtended. The springs come in sets of two and are $25.00 per set, which includes shipping anywhere in the United States.


It is now necessary for customers to send me there personal check in the amount of $25.00 for the two replacement springs, beacuse of Shawn P. in Auburn Hills MI being the first person to not pay for the springs sent to him.  BE ADVISED THE $25.00 COVERS TWO SPRINGS AND SHIPPING , UNLIKE OTHER SITES THAT MAY OFFER THE SPRINGS FOR $15.99 EACH.